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Cartier replica watches unveils a new line of watches, the Ovale collection. It is inspired by a restored piece. Two new timepieces are featured in the Ovale Pantographe, Ovale Tourbillon and the Ovale Pantographe. There is also an extremely limited edition for Andre,Cartier replica watches a Parisian artist. Only 10 examples were made.

This watch was inspired by an antique oval timepiece with telescopic dial that was made by English jewelers Vardon and Stedman. Since 1997, this watch, which features an elliptical shape, telescopic hands, and the pantograph complications, caught the eye of Parmigiani's master watchmakers.

Ovale PantographThe new star is the oval-shaped Pantograph, which follows the case and dial's contours.

Cartier replica watches Ovale Pantograph Watch

The pantograph is the basis of the telescopic hands. It multiplies a length by a factor to create movement on a smaller or larger scale. The mechanism's central cam regulates a length,IWC Replica which is then repeated X times throughout the whole hand. The measurement of the central cam provides the necessary information to move the hands and adjust them as they follow their course around the dial.

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It is so precise that the minute hand is not retracted as far from the hour hand. The titanium hands of the movement are heated to more than 550 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, markers and numerals made from blued (PVD-treated) steel are also blued.